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Cantiere delle Marche was established in 2010 in Ancona, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, by experienced managers and shipbuilders. In just a few years, the company’s unwavering commitment and innovative approach to explorer yachts building earned it a reputation and prominent position in the league of the best shipyards worldwide. Nowadays Cantiere delle Marche is the undisputed world leader in the construction of long-range, luxury explorer yachts from 26 to 47 metres in length.

Your navigation plans are no more limited by your yacht’s capabilities but shaped on your own decisions. Our mission is to build the best explorer yachts in the world to allow our Clientele, composed by expert and exacting yachtsmen, to navigate far and wide or to the farthest corners of Earth in utmost safety and comfort.

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With three purpose-built sheds spreading over a total area of around 10˙000 sqm surrounded by 6˙000 sqm of hardstandings for ancillary activities and movimentations, Cantiere delle Marche’s operates within the Ancona port area, adjacent to Marina Dorica, the town’s touristic harbor.

All sheds host construction slots and mezzanines with offices and workshops. The main shed has a total area of 6˙170 sqm with multiple construction stations, while two newly built sheds with three construction slots spreads over an area of respectively 1˙702 and 2˙025 sqm.

The company’s direct employees consist of around 60 people yet, on a daily basis, an average of 300 people work in the facility as we value the contribution of trusted outsourcing partners and suppliers to ensure that the quality and timeline of all projects are consistently met. This approach allows us to produce top-tier explore yachts while efficiently managing our workforce and resources.

In 2019, we inaugurated our private quay boasting 750 sqm of operational area and 4 berths for vessels up to 50m. This quay is used for both the delivery process and refitting of our yachts.

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Domenico Giuffrè and Paul Miletta

Cantiere delle Marche - Australia
Sydney Superyacht Marina
2 Maritime Court
Rozelle - 2039 - NSW
T +61 2 8319 2070

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Voyages to distant horizons: sailing to remote shores with Cantiere delle Marche’s explorer yachts.


We have combined the best designers, captains and skilled workers:
experiences and visions of the most have merged into a unique project.

Our class of yachts is selected by the sea.